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Sarco’s inspiration is reptilian: the design came from the head of the Ferocious Sarcosuchus Crocodile. Bozca Design claims its very strong and fastback appearance blends the best elements of car and yacht design.

The 19-metre luxury motor yacht aims to deliver more performance, more luxury, more innovation. Aiming the upstate and luxury lovers, the styling is very sleek, modern and flamboyant. The exterior aesthetics are inspired from clean, sophisticated shapes of luxury products. The idea was bundled into a dramatic shape designed for the near future, thus, propose an advanced design, but giving sharp and dynamic looks also inspired from car design. 

The boat has a top speed of 53 knots – you’re looking at shifting from playgrounds like St. Tropez to Monaco in an hour-and-a-half. This also makes it one of the world’s fastest superyacht tenders. It’s capable of hitting these speeds due to a carbon fibre body and twin MTU V10 2000 M94 engines. As a salute to those engines, Bozca Design has encased it under a pair of glass cabinets near the sunbed – much like several modern-day supercars that display their engines under a glass at the rear.

The deck features two aft sunbeds, with a windshield designed to deflect the wind allowing the boat to clip through the water with minimal wind resistance. Below deck, is a full-beam cabin decked with OLED lighting and chic interiors where the owner can retreat for some downtime.

The use of carbon fibre also allows a significant amount of torsional rigidity as well as allowing the design team to create an aerodynamic sculptural masterpiece.

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