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Bozca has revealed the Visio Concept, an electric, autonomous vehicle that expresses the design DNA evolution of the minimalism. The design is based on the idea of minimalistic athleticism, and uses a sculpted yet restrained treatment with clean surfaces and precise edges.

The exterior of the Visio Concept is characterized by a distinctive, flowing silhouette which defines volumes conceived for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The freedom allowed by the EV architecture along with the extended wheelbase, enable the designers to create harmonious proportions, in pursuit of the ultimate automotive form.

The futuristic concept car has been fitted with both battery and power units for charging and storing energy for running its four electronic Hub Motors. With a protective passenger compartment, the car provides for four roof suspended seats. Going by the looks and build, the Visio can surely transform any mundane drive into a unique ‘out of the world’ experience.

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