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The well proportioned Xema is a 35m of sleek, minimalist, fast sailing yacht. Design artistry established Xema as a “masterpiece of elegance and technology.” Both the exterior design and interior design created Xema’s dual personality as modern, elite luxury yacht. Xema is the uncompromised outcome of a design brief to create a sailboat which can build for pleasurable cruising with high level of comfort and luxury on-board. As an aim, the sailboat must deliver a consistently enjoyable sailing experience, which means fast cruising and easy handling, even when short-handed.

Luxury finds in every detail: spacious cabins, stylish windows, quality materials, high flexibility… Whether an exclusive voyage for single person or a holiday with friends and family, the sailboat capable of adapting to the owner’s requirements at all times. Initial concept sketches inspired by car design to create new surfaces in a different perspective.

The concept for Xema was to keep the decks as clean and uncluttered as possible. Her exterior styling is characterised by a low pilothouse on a flush deck, with captive winches, under-deck leads for safety, and clear walkways. The main cockpit has sunk below deck level inside a coaming, affording protection yet retaining clear views forward from the wheel.

Xema’s deck layout features three different social areas: the deckhouse that can be covered with cushions and converted into a large living space, like a second cockpit, the central social cockpit, and the aft sunbathing area. In this way, the whole deck is used for enjoying the open air.

Xema has composite materials such as high modulus prepress carbon-fibre. Every gram is considered and every component is meticulously designed to deliver the maximum performance at the minimum weight. Additionally, all the lightnings on the board are OLED which more that just another light source. Unlike incandescent bulbs, OLED lighting works by passing electricity through one or more extremely thin layers of organic semiconductor material.

 Xema can collect, store and use electrical energy from the sun, from the shore pick-up or from the main engine driven generator. With a solar array and a Hybrid drive electric unit the yacht is a mobile power station providing a constant supply of AC power on board. 

The pure, minimal, modern style chosen for the interior of the Xema reflects the character of the exterior. The master cabin and a guest cabin are positioned bow part of the yacht with skylight roof and allow comfortable long cruises, but are also great during extreme performance and handling. The skylight extends from the companion way forward to the mast foot, giving plenty of natural light to the main saloon, galley, the corridor, guest cabin and master cabin.

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