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A nature addict adventurer and creator, who is on a mission to fulfil the vision. Otherwise known as a Limitless Vehicle Designer, Timur Bozca is one of the most innovative designers of his generation who works at all scales and in all vehicle sectors.

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Bozca's journey as a designer is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous self-improvement. A graduate of Coventry University, Bozca honed his craft with a degree in MDes Automotive & Transport Design. During his final year at Coventry, he further enriched his skill set by embarking on a journey to Majenta Academy, where he honed his digital modeling prowess, particularly in A-class surface design. Building upon this foundation, he pursued higher education at the esteemed Politecnico di Milano, where he completed a Masters in Yacht Design, delving into the intricate world of nautical aesthetics and functionality.

Bozca Design Ltd. is an award winning transportation design company. Established in 2013, the studio is focussed towards creating new trends in Architecture, Yacht, Aviation and Automotive Design. The vision is to create solutions through design by considering human factors, technology and aesthetics. Bozca believes in creating a bespoke product for our customers with ensure that every detail is in harmony achieving a perfect balance of luxury and individuality. Philosophy of Bozca is determined on not only creating for tomorrow, but also for the day after.

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Nature is the world’s most effective designer. Millions of years of evolution have created some of the most sophisticated and efficient design solutions. Bozca has a natural curiosity and an obsession with efficient design, which is why our inspiration often comes from the natural world and the animal kingdom. We also take design cues from art, sculpture, aeronautics and everyday life.By asking what would nature do, we find ingenious ways to make our vehicles more aerodynamic and more hydrodynamic, boost downforce, increase performance and improve handling.

On the other hand, the design philosophy is everything for a reason. It’s part of our DNA and underpins every design. Every curve and every component of our projects is considered in microscopic detail. It also creates an optimised visual design: lean, potent and beautiful to look at.

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