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wom Apartments

Perched amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Tignes in the French Alps, the luxury apartments at WOM Resort stand as a testament to innovative design, curated by the visionary Bozca in collaboration with architectural pioneers Phenomen. Inspired by the enduring allure of Alpine rocks, these apartments redefine sophistication and sustainability in one of the world’s most picturesque locales.

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Bozca’s interior design is a homage to the grandeur of Alpine rocks. Each apartment encapsulates the rugged beauty of the surroundings while exuding an air of modernity and refinement. The design seamlessly integrates elements of copper, black ash wood, white rocks, and French oak, creating an ambiance that’s both futuristic and deeply rooted in the timeless charm of the Alps.

Boasting six exquisite en-suite rooms and a dedicated kids' room, these apartments are designed to cater to the desires of modern travelers seeking a blend of opulence and family-friendly comfort. The fusion of sleek design and functional spaces ensures a harmonious balance between privacy and communal living.

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Set against the backdrop of Tignes’ natural splendor, these apartments embody a commitment to smart, eco-friendly design. Each space is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the environment, utilizing sustainable materials and innovative technologies. Every detail, from the architecture to the amenities, epitomizes a vision for the future of sustainable luxury living.

WOM Resort’s luxury apartments stand as a beacon of the future of Alpine living. From the minimalist yet luxurious interiors to the purposeful design of every corner, these spaces epitomize the convergence of innovation and functionality. Every area within these apartments is meticulously curated, reflecting a philosophy where each design element serves a purpose.

Nestled within Tignes, a region synonymous with the birth of modern mountaineering and Alpine skiing, WOM Resort's luxury apartments invite you to experience a new paradigm of sophisticated living—a seamless blend of futuristic design, sustainability, and unparalleled comfort amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Alps.

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