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The Isurus is a 24m power yacht which is a striking beauty with intelligent elements. The dynamic abilities of the Isurus are made explicit through the muscular elegance of its bodywork. The lines of Isurus are inspired by Shortfin Mako shark. The philosophy of Isurus’s design is everything for a reason, even unique asymmetrical front part. Every line, surface and detail of the Isurus’s design enhance the yacht’s performance and comfort.

The quality of materials, celebrated attention to detail combine to create a peerless power yacht. The interior of Isurus accommodates a luxurious master cabin and a guest cabin with changing room and bathroom. Additionally, there are library, gym, office, stylish living room and a kitchen with bar. Each room has a comprehensive entertainment system.

The Isurus built with composite materials such as high modulus prepreg carbon-fibre. Every gram is considered and every component is meticulously designed to deliver the maximum performance at the minimum weight by Idea Group & Associates. On the other hand, two MTU V10 engines combined to Arneson surface propellers are supporting its dynamic design.

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