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Mirarri, the 55-ft motoryacht crafted through a visionary collaboration between Bozca Design and Enata, exclusively for the esteemed new yacht brand, Mirarri. Spanning 55-ft in length, this vessel exudes elegance and innovation, boasting a construction primarily of carbon fiber and titanium, ensuring both strength and sophistication on the open seas.


At its core lies a full-beam superstructure accentuated by a dynamic glass dome, inspired by the intricate bone structure of birds, providing not only structural integrity but also flooding the interiors with natural light. This architectural masterpiece creates an ambiance of spaciousness and grandeur, elevating the onboard experience to unprecedented levels of luxury.


The Mirarri 55ft motoryacht features a continuous design philosophy, seamlessly connecting all furnishings to evoke a sense of unity and harmony throughout the vessel. Each element complements the next, imbuing the yacht with a sense of fluidity and sophistication that resonates with modern-day travelers seeking refined experiences.


Outdoor entertainment reaches new heights with the Mirarri's bespoke BBQ and bar area situated on the aft deck, offering the perfect venue for social gatherings and al fresco dining against the backdrop of the endless sea. Moreover, the center access ensures effortless navigation to the front part of the yacht, facilitating exploration and adventure for all guests.


Step into luxury within the Mirarri's two full-beam cabins, adorned with bright colors and modern design elements, promising unparalleled comfort and relaxation. With its innovative construction, impeccable design, and unparalleled amenities, the Mirarri 55ft motoryacht sets a new standard for luxury yachting, embodying the essence of sophistication and excellence for the discerning traveler.

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