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Introducing Powar, the awe-inspiring off-road marvel crafted by Bozca to conquer the Dakar Rally. Boasting an aggressive design that seamlessly melds edgy contours with soft surfaces, 'Power' stands as a pinnacle of innovation and sustainability in the off-road domain. Designed by Bozca, Powar redefines off-road aesthetics with a bold and aggressive stance. The fusion of daring edges and gentle curves creates an unparalleled visual impact that commands attention on and off the track, embodying the essence of fierce determination.


Bozca's design philosophy meticulously harmonizes aggression and sophistication within Powar. Every line and surface detail is purposefully curated, delivering a vehicle that doesn’t just look the part but promises an exceptional performance across the most challenging terrains of the Dakar Rally.

Powar represents a leap forward in sustainable off-road engineering. Crafted with recycled materials and boasting an eco-friendly hydrogen engine, this off-road champion treads lightly on the environment while setting new standards in performance and durability.

Beyond its raw power and striking design, Powar symbolizes a paradigm shift in off-road racing. Bozca's creation isn't just a contender; it’s a trailblazer, defining the future of off-road dominance, where sustainability and high-performance converge seamlessly. Powar, the off-road masterpiece designed by Bozca, isn't just a competitor in the Dakar Rally; it's an embodiment of innovation, sustainability, and a new era in off-road racing. Brace yourself for the unmatched performance and environmental responsibility of Powar.

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