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The Vatoz, a groundbreaking 10-meter foiler, is the result of a visionary collaboration with Enata, renowned for their pioneering approach to yacht design and technology. With its exterior design elegantly inspired by the fluid form of the stingray, the Vatoz showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Constructed with the utmost precision from lightweight carbon fiber, it embodies the forefront of sustainable yachting practices.

vatoz by bozca x 2.jpg
Vatoz by Bozca 2.jpg

Vatoz has distinctive painted windows not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also offer a sense of seclusion and comfort, exemplifying the premium yachting experience it promises. What sets the Vatoz apart are the dynamic wing-like structures on both sides, ingeniously designed to facilitate easier access to the bow and create additional storage space. These wings not only enhance the vessel's agility but also provide ample room for storing essentials such as surfboards, reaffirming its forward-thinking approach to future yachting. 


The attention to detail in the design of this foiler is truly remarkable. As the engine ignites, an immersive experience ensues, with ambient lighting resembling veins coursing through the vessel, infusing life. Four dynamic sports seats, each capable of independent rotation on their axis and equipped with secure seat belts, provide both comfort and adaptability. Adding to the sense of control and connectivity, behind these seats are indicators displaying real-time speed and foiler status. When the foiler is at rest, these seats can gracefully pivot towards each other, transforming the space into a convivial social area. Concealed within the ingenious structure on both sides of the foiler are hidden treasures as audio speakers, climate control systems, screens, and ample storage options... all seamlessly integrated into the vessel's extraordinary design. 

The interior of this foiler is a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. The interior walls feature an extraordinary design that not only captivates the eye but also pays homage to the vessel's natural inspiration. The front of the foiler has been ingeniously transformed into a versatile space, capable of seamlessly transitioning between functions - be it a cozy sofa, a comfortable bed, a dining area, or even a cockpit for those who wish to take the helm.

Vatoz Interior by Bozca.jpg
Vatoz Interior by Bozca - Drive Mode.jpg
Vatoz Interior by Bozca - Galley.jpg

Adding to the multifaceted experience, a galley ensures that culinary needs are met while a dynamically adjustable TV offers viewing from various angles. The continuity of smart design extends from the exterior to the interior, housing amenities such as windows that offer breathtaking views, climate control systems, and state-of-the-art television. Even the toilet has been thoughtfully designed as an integral part of the whole, emphasizing the vessel's commitment to a holistic and harmonious user experience. This foiler is a masterpiece of design and engineering, promising a truly exceptional and immersive journey.

The interior of the Vatoz seamlessly extends the design principles of its striking exterior, creating a harmonious and captivating space for its passengers. Within the stylish cabin, every detail has been meticulously crafted to offer the utmost in owner experience, making it a haven of luxury and sophistication. The infusion of natural light through elegant windows and a strategically positioned skylight not only amplifies the sense of spaciousness but also connects passengers with the surrounding environment, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living. 

vatoz night.jpg

The Vatoz leverages Enata's cutting-edge Foiler technology, an embodiment of efficiency and innovation that elevates the boat to glide an impressive 1.5 meters above the water's surface. This transformative feature, combined with Enata's proprietary Wingman management system, marks a pinnacle of engineering excellence. The yacht's maximum speed of 40 knots while in foiling mode is a testament to the remarkable capabilities of this vessel, redefining the boundaries of speed and performance in the world of yachting. 

vatoz night.jpg

The Vatoz use Enata's efficient Foiler technology that enables the boat to fly 1.5 metres above the water and proprietary sophisticated Wingman management system. The Foiler's maximum speed is expected at 40 knots in the foiling mode.


The Foiler has minimal impact on the environment in terms of fuel consumption wake, and noise. Vatoz means stingray, which was the inspiration behind this beautiful design and a homage to the endangered marine life we need to protect.

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